Suppose a man marries a woman. He does this because he claims to love her and wants her to be the mother of his children. Right? The man discovers after the marriage that his wife is not very good in bed. She is prim and proper and hates rowdy sex. She is as stiff as a wood or as cold as ice and never think it proper to roll her waist. He can’t bring himself to tell her because he is somewhat scared of her and he does not want to hurt her feelings.

He becomes utterly dissatisfied sexually and uses porn to masturbate. He begins to have sex with his wife as a duty and use the porn to achieve ultimate sexual satisfaction. Then one day, his secretary seduces him, tantalizes him and he falls completely. He tries the act of sexual intercourse with her and sees that they are much more compatible sexually, although they share nothing in common. He turns it to a regular thing and becomes careless. He throws caution to the wind and stops using condoms because he wants to have a feel of the real thing from her. Then she gets pregnant for him and asks him to tell his wife about her. The secretary loves the man and wants him every other night, maybe it is just her pregnancy hormones to crave for more intimacy. This is two years into the man’s marriage and his wife is yet to have kids for him.

The secretary refuses to commit abortion and threatens to tell his wife, he begs her and hide this development from his wife. The wife is clueless and is under the illusion that they are happy together.

What is wrong with some men?

Why did he put himself through this turmoil when he could have stopped it by being honest with his wife about her lack of ability to satisfy him in bed.

What is wrong with some men?

When he would have continued with his porn and masturbation without betraying his wife’s trust.

What is wrong with some men?

When he would have continued using protection to sleep with his Secretary and avoided the unpleasant situation of having a child out of wedlock.

What is wrong with some men?

When he would have told his wife the truth about his Secretary and if she could live with a step child or if she would divorce him or leave him rather than dying a foolish death of heart attack due to the threat from his Secretary.

It is all an imagination on what some men can do and shouldn’t do.

Comments please, will you cheat on your wife? Or just be blunt and tell her what you do not like about your love making sessions?



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