Girl sees boy, she falls in love with him from a distance. She eventually meets him, speaks to him and hang on his every word. She succeeds in getting his number by sheer luck. Now she wants to get to the point where he would ask her to be more than an acquitance. This scenario is common in Nigeria most especially among the young ladies. Then there is the dilemma of should you call him?

Here are three reasons why you should resist the urge to call him.

  1. Desperation: Calling him only shows him how desperate you are to have him. Remember he did not ask for your number, you took his and buzzed him so that he could have yours. Your excuse for having his number was because you wanted to keep in touch and ask him more questions or something along that line. Give him a breather, let him contact you before you make that call.
  2. It makes you cheap: It may not be very common these days, but trust me, guys prefer to be the hunter and not the hunted. When you go all out for a guy a couple of hours or days after you met him, he knows you are cheap and an easy lay. He might agree to a date and would want to be intimate with you whether you want it or not. In his mind, you made the move because you wanted to get laid.
  3. Futuristic Insult/Lack Of Regard:  Calling him is like an insurance for futuristic insult, even though you both end up together as a couple he would one day insult you during a fight or an argument that you came after him. Imagine how painful that can be to be told by your man that he never really wanted you but you forced yourself on him. he would never have regard for you.

Have his number but don’t be the first to make that call, rather find an opportunity to meet him again and see if he is interested in you by the way he pays attention to you or by the way he stares at you or by the manner at which he talks to you.


By floramichaels

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