Nigerians on social media have vented their frustration and reaction to President Muhammadu Buhari`s statement in an interview with African Leadership Magazine. The President expressed confidence in his public rating and acceptance despite the slip in the survey  on the President’s rating. This  attracted the wrath of Nigerians in the face of the current economic hardship.

Thus Nigerians  took to social media to register their disapproval of the current economic condition, hence a reflection of the slip recorded in the President’s rating.

A social media user wrote: “In all sincerity nobody can GUARANTEE you on that, NOT EVEN IN KANO STATE WHERE NO SINGLE invalid vote was recorded during the 2015 presidential election.”

Another: “For your mind, you think that you are doing well. Even your wife may not vote you because according rumore, you have disappointed her feelings.”

Some more reactions which trailed the news report include:

“Out of your 3-point agenda, which have you achieved up to 30% that will make Nigerians vote for you again? Do you still hear shout “Sai Buhari” again? Keep deceiving yourself!”

“Y should Buhari come out and say this when most people are praying we av an election that can throw him out soon…..all we see is pics of him with his family on different occasions, his Liar Mohammed attending different occasions….when do they want to work,it’s better he faces reality fast and do something tangible before Nigerians throw him out.”

“This APC government is a fraud, any government that failed to solve the immediate problem of the masses is a failed government, people are dying of hunger, no security,no money even for the government, no good education anymore, mass unemployment, electricity is a total failure , the economy is upside down, no good life in any part of the country anymore, there is no money for capital projects but I have never heard that there is no money to pay the huge salaries of the law makers, the president,the ministers, and other federal government staff.May God deliver this country from the carbal of Apc”

“Dear Buhari, you will lose miserably in Benue, Plateau and Kogi if you contest today, in fact Southern Kaduna will shock you. Please be humble.”

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