The Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders, CACOL, through its Executive Chairman Mr. Debo Adeniran has called for the immediate investigations into the claims of the new Acting Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris that his predecessor, Mr. Solomon Arase carted away over 24 vehicles belonging to the Police when he exited office, Daily Post reported.

Mr. Adeniran expressed shock over the reports in the media that DIGs, ‎who were also retired at the same time made away with between seven and eight cars each.

He said, “this revelation is once again manifesting how profoundly seated the virus of corruption has eaten into the fabrics of our polity as a country. How do we explain a situation where the ‘hunter’ chooses to get involved with the ‘hunted’? That the custodian of the apex echelon of the Nigeria Police in terms hierarchy is involved or suspected to be involved in the physical carting away of government properties is scary, disgusting, embarrassing, uninspiring and absolutely condemnable!” 

Although, we aware according to media report, that the former I.G has reportedly denied the claim of his successor describing the allegations as a malicious propaganda, we think the allegations should still be investigated all the same.

“The claims and counter-claims should not be handled with levity because if the allegations were found be true, then, it means the country must have to rethink, review and rework of its anti-corruption drive with a view of magnifying the activities of supposed upholders of the laws and enforcement.

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