Known for its royalty and expense, purple has been known to be associated with the very rich before its popularity in the latter part of the century. Purple symbolises magic and mystery and is known also for spirituality and imagination. But it makes a lady glow even in the dark. It enhances the skin colour and gives one that special glow. Purple can be said to be the new blue because it drifts between blue and red in the colour chart. It can be cool in which case it looks bluish. It can be combined with a lot of colours which makes it quite popular. Below are few purple colour combos we did just for you.

White: Imagine how deliciously attractive you would look in a pair of white pants and satin purple shirt. The look cannot be traded for gold. *wink* Trust me on this.

Black: Of course, black is a universal colour just like white and it goes on everything and anything. A purple bag and shoes on a pair of black pants and purple chiffon blouse is not bad at all.

Pink: Yes, purple goes with pink. Most prefer purple and fushia pink as their wedding colours. I would recommend Light purple known as violet on baby pink. You can try out a baby pink off shoulder blouse on a long flowing flare violet skirt. A baby pink sandals would give you a glamorous look. * A trial would convince you if you love colour blends*

Gold: A long flowing purple evening dress adorned with gold instantly gives you the royal look. Don’t be surprised when people address you as ‘Your majesty.’ Fret not, it is just your colour combo and how you wore it.

Violet: Purple is one of the few colours that go with itself. A lighter shade called violet goes on its darker shade. Just the way we have light/sky blue and navy blue combined together. Little wonder purple is the new blue. A violet inner shirt on a purple skirt or trouser suit is a killer dressing anytime, anyday. Unique is the right word to describe you in it.

Purple can also go on many colours all at once, just like our model wore it out there. She looks outstanding and gorgeous right?

That’s because she is wearing purple.


By floramichaels

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