Christano Rolando CR7 will most likely win the World’s player of the year based on his performance in UFEA Champions League and Euro 2016, he was also the highest goal scorer in the champions league. So, Yes! He might most likely win the World Best player for 2016. He is not the most talented player or the best but his determination to make something out of his life has made him the best. He never gave up and even though he throws emotional tantrums on the pitch by crying, one can only conclude that it is his passion for success and desire to be the greatest best player of all time that has drove him this far.

He does not care what reporters/journalists would write afterwards, he views his performance at the pitch as a struggle between success and failure. He plays every game as if it is his last. His constant need to prove himself to the world over and over again, has made him an icon.

His determination opened the doors of his success and even when his teammates actually pointed out his fault of playing selfish football he still did not care, until he had achieved his goal. Then he became a bit more humane and bought them wristwatches as celebrants in his success story. Rolando, is a man worthy of emulation if you want to be the best at what you do. Look at your rivals and work harder than them, look at your teammates and beat them to the game, even though you are all on the same side, never allow your peers to pull you down, never advance excuses for your inability to break a record in your career, business or industry.

Remember, once you are determined you are on the right path to success. Always remember that most successful people did the same thing for uncountable number of times to attain perfection and success.


By floramichaels

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