We all love the Royals, if not for any cogent reason, we love them for their style and conduct. We love watching them eat, speak and dazzle their smile at us. Some are obsessed with the Royals and travel thousands of miles to come see the Queen of England and Buckingham palace. The Royal family of England made royalty more famous and worshipped as it has preserved the powers of the Queen albeit ceremonial.  The thousands of fairy tale stories out there always always had a touch of royalty before its evolution to modernity where the hero and heroine can be anybody.

Now would be a good time to use our real life and darling Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge a.k.a Kate Middleton’s style  in comparison with the fairy tale princesses of Walt Disney.


She has some similarities with the fairy tale Princess character  Cinderella as she always dresses appropriate for an event, occasion or public engagement. She is not always adorned in gold and jewelleries and wears her dinner gown when appropriate like Cinderella  in Cinderella 2 Dreams Come True. She even has a hiking outfit and she looks damn gorgeous in it. More like a movie star than a royal. She is a combination of stardom, celebrity and royalty. Unlike the fairy tale princesses that are mostly adorned in long flowing gowns to depict royalty, the Duchess depicts royalty by her character, conduct and attitude and makes whatever outfit she wears instantly royal.

wp-1468714204533.jpegImage by Max Mumbly

She sure wins the fairy tale princesses in style any day and any time. She is worthy of emulation in fashion and in attitude.

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