Nigeria is a country located in West Africa along the Atlantic Ocean’s Gulf of Guinea. Its land borders are with Benin Republic to the west, Cameroun and Chad to the east and Niger to the north. Nigeria has an area of 923,768.00 sq kilometers and lies between latitude 40 and 140 degrees North of the equator and longitudes 30 and 140 degrees East of the Greenwich meridian.

Nigeria is widely known for its landmarks and wild reserves. She is a great nation in terms of natural resources, population, and culture. She was the giant of Africa in all ramifications in the past, and now she remains the shadow of her past due to corrupt practices and mismanagement of her resources.

Nigeria is an Anglophone nation, with a population of over 170million people, including over 250 ethnic groups, with Igbo,Yoruba, and Hausa, as the three major languages spoken. Her citizens are her most valuable assets and, pride of the nation. A typical Nigerian is a law abiding, religious, greedy, pesky, an incurable critic, callous, and a diabolic citizen of Nigeria. He/she wants everything in the country to be in their favor at all times, no matter the detriment of the action. Things we need in life does not make life complex, but things we want do. We all know, it is human to have insatiable wants, but as a typical Nigerian, you will grow to have insatiable needs coupled with wants, making the abundant resources scarce. Thereby, having adverse effects in the country, and giving rise to abject poverty, unemployment, and interrupted power supply, amongst others.

A typical Nigerian can be best described as a mixture of good, bad, worse, and worst fragrances in most cases, continuously polluting the atmosphere. He/she acts without conscience and human sympathy, in day-to-day activities, making life extremely hard for themselves, and other citizens. It is a viscous cycle of hardship, making the country unbearable for everyone (poor/less privileged). A typical Nigerian displays 100percent greed and callousness, when it comes to sharing of resources, job recruitment, awarding of contracts, and most of all in leadership. He/she demonstrates the highest level of criticism, when situated at the receiving end of actions, and mishaps. A typical Nigerian shows religious and diabolic acts, when drastic times kicks in, demanding drastic measures.

Leadership role as a typical Nigerian is as dangerous and catastrophic, like arming the gorilla rebels, with modern warfare technologies. It damages the nation in all sectors of the economy, and gives rise to criminal and violent act. Typically, a Nigerian leader’s motto for his subjects is, “Do what I say, and not what I do” and, this has been going on successively, making it an exquisite lounge, for thieves in the country’s politics.

Am not saying other countries don’t have thieves, or typical citizens, but the case of Nigeria is far worse because, the systems put in place to checkmate irregularities, are filled to the brim with typical Nigerians. They have little or no conscience, and always act on selfish instincts, without a pinch of remorse. Let’s have peep through a typical Nigerian mindset, by answering the following questions with reasons below;

Question 1: Who will you recruit in an organization, if given the power to employ?

  1. The right personnel for the job, irrespective of his tribe/family background.
  2. A friend.
  3. A relative.
  4. An expert in that field.

Answer: 3 or 4

Reasons: A typical Nigerian policy is, “you scratch my back and I scratch yours”, knowing full well that, the employee will always dance to his/her tone of music. Also, deriving satisfaction in helping who you know, rather than helping a mere stranger.

Question 2: What will you do if elected as the president of the nation?

  1. Always take the country’s matter as your priority.
  2. Steal and loot like no tomorrow.
  3. Preach discipline and lead in lies and corruption.
  4. Be just and fair at all times.

Answer: 3 or 4

Reasons: A typical Nigerian always has a source of tolerance for hardship which is, “Let them steal while they can because, I will do worse when I get there”. Leading to the daily increase of bad leaders in the country.

Question 3: Who is responsible for the country’s problems?

  1. The president.
  2. The past presidents.
  3. Politicians.
  4. Citizens.

Answer: 1, 2 or 3

Reasons: It’s typical for an average Nigerian to put all the blame on the government in all situations faced. For instance, a security man receiving less than #20,000 monthly, gives birth to 10 children, and he is unable to pay their school fees. If asked why, he will definitely put all the blames on the government.



Question 4: What is a typical Nigerian rule?

  1. Be a die hard patriot.
  2. Make the country better at all cost.
  3. Shun corrupt practices.
  4. Cheat or be cheated.

Answer: 4

Reasons: This rule has become viral due to the nature and mindset of the society. Nigeria is a jungle, where people prey on others weaknesses. For instance, your new to an environment, and have no idea of the costs of things there, you will definitely be cheated, when encountered by a typical Nigerian.


Every day in Nigeria is survival of the fittest, it’s either eat or be eaten, and the question we should ask ourselves should be, how many Nigerians are typical?


Written By: Lawrence Micheals

By Lawrence Micheals

An incurable optimist, a writer, poet, a technopreneur in the making, a resource personnel, an event planner who is technically gifted and clinical when it matters.

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