The bedroom is a serene place, where we have a peaceful rest in the night or in the day time. It ought to exhume an atmosphere calm, freshness and peace. Now ever wondered why your partner or spouse never wants to be intimate in the bedroom? Ever wondered why your partner prefers his or her own bedroom under the guise of ‘I love my privacy.’ Well, here is the thing your spouse or partner would never tell you because they do not have the courage to or because they don’t want to hurt your ego or feelings. But they feel better if you hear it from someone or read it somewhere like here. They are 5 don’ts of the bedroom and most times, most spouse commit those blunders and in effect drive their partners farther away from them.

  1. Never go to bed without having a bath, especially when you have been out of the house all day, working even if it is not under the sun. Just have a wash, rid yourself of the day’s activities, smell fresh so that you can cuddle up real nice.
  2. Never eat snacks or meals on the bed, it most especially attracts rodents. Cockroaches, ants and rats might just be your partner in bed.
  3. Never wear the same clothes you wore the whole day to bed. It is disgusting. Always change into fresh clothes.
  4. Focus your attention on your spouse, leave the phones and books, they kill the mood for a romantic night.
  5. Never go to an unruly bed, make sure the sheets are properly tucked in, clean and fresh. It adds to the air of romance. You don’t want to be making love on a bed of sand, pins, toys, books, phones and the like.


  • Never lie on the bed with sweaty body, especially after a workout or after cooking in the kitchen, clean up, it is very important. The sweat soils the sheet.
  • Always brush your teeth before bed, especially when you smoke, frequently drink alcohol and eat suya/onions/garlic.



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