Glow in jumpsuit, it has been around for quite a while now, yet many women still don’t have the confidence to wear it real good.  ‘I don’t have the shape for it, “It just doesn’t fit”  ” I don’t look good in it”  ” I am too slim to look good in it” ” It is not meant for large people.”  These are all familiar reasons and excuses advanced by women  not to wear jumpsuit.


Oh yea? Who is it meant for then? Did the designers of jumpsuits make it just for the fun of it. A revolutionised style of jumpsuit is here and it fits virtually everyone. From the curvy woman, to the not so curvy woman, from the old to the young, from the slim to the large. It is here to stay and your wardrobe is not complete without one.

The jumpsuit gives everywoman that royal look, don’t miss out!  The polka dot jumpsuit just might be for you.


Images from pinterest.

By floramichaels

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