The mornings are always rough for families especially weekdays which accommodates a beehive of activities. The preparation for school and work takes precedence over and above every other activity in the morning. Mothers are usually panicked when it comes to breakfast for the children below the age of 5 and many a time children have gone to school on empty stomachs or without actually having so much as two spoonful of their breakfast. Many mothers fall into the habit of giving their little children the same type of meal for breakfast which over time leads to rejection by the child due to the lack of variety. Other mothers may not have the luxury of time to seat down for 30 minutes or more to feed the child, wait for the child to masticate and swallow the heavy meals from the previous dinner. etc.

Oh No! not when it is almost 7am and they have to be out of the house to avoid traffic or meet up with that appointment. Now, while there is nothing bad in giving the children left over meals from the previous dinner, but it is not entirely right to give them such heavy meals for breakfast. Breakfast are meant to be fluffy and light, easy to digest yet heavy enough to keep them filled till lunch time. Here are some meals that could be tried out on your children below the age of 5.

  1. Custard or pap and beancake(akara)
  2. Bread, butter, or sandwich and breavage milo, bournvita and milk
  3. Peak 123 or any other milk suitable for children below the age of 3 ( this is strictly for children between the ages of 1-3 )
  4. Cornflakes or cereals or cerelac
  5. Pancakes

Bonus: Fresh yogurt also makes for a healthy living and it is good for children. It can be combined with any one of the above or taken by the side.


  • Always ensure that your child below the age of 3 drinks milk every day as it helps the child’s development. It provides calcium.
  • Cut the bread into tiny pieces to enable your child easily eat it.
  • The pancakes should be cut into smaller piece after it has been made, again this is to enable your child eat it with ease.
  • The bean cake should be cut in smaller piece or fried in small quantities
  • Always ensure your child has a considerable size of his or her breakfast before you head out of the house. As you already know breakfast is the most important meal of the day.



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