Ma’Bello is no stranger to the curvy side of fashion! Ma’Bello Clothiers came into the fashion scene in December 2012, after the creative director; Osa Aisien spent years trying to find clothes that were stylish and flattering in her size but wasn’t impressed with the results.

Now a household name for the style savvy curvy Nigerian woman, the brand is known for its perfectly detailed pieces, on trend options and great styling. They keep pushing and challenging fashion stereotypes with their intricate craftsmanship and now in the same stellar fashion, they present a collection titled “Imose”, meaning Beauty in Bini language.

‘The collection was inspired by the women in my life that have impacted me greatly. The Modupe Kimono is inspired by my late Mother; Modupe Ogiemwonyi… The other pieces were inspired my sisters Efe and Amenze – says the designer Osa Aisien explaining her inspiration behind the collection.

See photos from the collection

Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA06872016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA07272016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA06672016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA12872016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA12172016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA04472016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA04772016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA04872016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA03672016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA04272016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA13872016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA01972016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA09372016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA10672016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA08472016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA05672016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA06072016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA03872016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA02572016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA02772016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA00872016_Ma'Bello Clothier bellanaija IMG-20160712-WA01872016_

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