Most times women complain of their men being too promiscuous or uncaring or irrational or uninterested in them. While it is not in doubt that some men are promiscuous in nature, other times the bulk of the problem lies with the woman who does not know how to behave, react or treat her man right. Ladies and Women out there, here are the 15 things you should do to keep your man. Try them out and thank me later. It is not rocket science to be married for 30years or 50 years, perseverance, tolerance and understanding is key.

  1. Be nice, stop nagging and barking at him, he is not your dog.
  2. Be clean, cleanliness is next to godliness. No man loves a dirty home, a dirty wife or a dirty environment. Even the dirtiest of men, love clean things.
  3. Be smart, learn to read and upgrade your knowledge and learn to work hard. Men hate lazy women. It just irritates them. They find the smart ones attractive.
  4. Be sexy, attractive and more. Make effort to make yourself look good, don’t let your appearance take a hit for the troubles of running a home or taking care of your husband and the children. While he would like it at first that you treat him like a demi- god, he would soon notice your shabby appearance.
  5. Always create time for sex, never let your husband starve sexually, except you just had a baby.
  6. Treat his family members nicely.
  7. Always negotiate your way through an argument, avoid it being full blown. Correct him with love, don’t criticise him openly and if you must criticise him privately, do it nicely.
  8. Don’t feel too big to apologise, it does no one any good.
  9. Let him know that he is the only man in your life, this would ease off any insecurity he has about your fidelity. Create an atmosphere of trust. Tell him things and be open to him.
  10. Be firm, morally upright and preserve your dignity. He would be proud to have you as the mother of his children because he knows you are handing down precious values and principles to his offspring.
  11. Appreciate him when he buys you a gift even though you may not like the gift, it would make him do more. Just one day, he would buy you the one you love. They say practice makes perfect.
  12. Seduce him, men are moved by what they see. Drive him crazy, let him remember you first thing in the morning and let him dream about you last thing at night.
  13. Keep in shape, if he complains of you being too skinny or too fat, don’t just feel hurt, do something about it. He was honest enough to tell you because he loves you.
  14. Buy him a surprise gift.
  15. Take care of the children, teach them the right values and principles of life. He would never regret being with you.

Bonus: Make sure you cook him meals, many women have lost their husband or spouse to others because they felt too big to make meals.

By floramichaels

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