Sex is overrated, we all know it is. It is soo sooo good and yet it is sooo sooo bad. The world of advertising feed its viewers sex to sell its products. The movie industry feed its viewers sex to sell their movies. Every sector uses sex as a tool to sell its products or services or make people stick to its goods or services. An average youth knows what sex is from the age of 12 and some or most of them have experimented it. Trust me, am just being decent about the age at which most of these youths have experimented sex. To be honest, most started having sex at a much younger age. Just to be sure, we are on the same page, have you noticed that the values entrenched in the older generations where exposure of too much flesh will condemn you to hell and make you a sinner is non-existent in this generation? What’s trending is the need to imitate their role models. Sadly, most of the youths are not endeared towards Professors and PHD holders. They are more interested in fame and therefore look up to hip-pop artists for guidance and directions. They prefer to imitate the bad character in a movie as against a high class educated woman who rose to her position by virtue of hard work. This love for fame, glamour, laziness and non-inspiration has made many youths to go astray and stick to the best shortcut of all times which is sex. The majority are the ones who have sexual experiences not minding the downside this causes to their lives. They view the decent youths amongst them as jews or nerds.



Surprisingly, the increase in this attitude has led to the shamelessness at which it is being done in public places and the audacity at which they boast of their sexual conquest. Sex is trending amongst the youth because the values of old has been watered down by this make-up generation where glamour is more precious to education, where values are valueless, where morality is dead, where exposition of vital organs of the body is on the rise, where parents are too busy with making ends meet to worry about the principles being instilled on the children, where parents are too busy having me time to know what is going on in the lives of their children. Sex is trending amongst the youths because the society encourages it, loves it and promotes it.

Take for example, the young stars in movies and music industry, they all have partners/lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends which in turn instils the value in youths that it is ok to have this.

Most recently, on the Linda Ikeji blog, there was a drama that played it self out amongst the youths. It had to do with a girl who openly described the private part of her partner and spoke on how she wanted more of him on her facebook wall. It was a shameless act on her part, one which attracted a lot of condemnation but she was unperturbed about it. That is a classic example of how decayed the society has become when it comes to sex amongst the youths.


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