Sometimes, we are so good at something that when we fail at it, we feel the world has come to an end for us and contemplate giving up on our dreams and aspirations. Here is a little inspiration for yus. We all know Messi, the World’s Best Footballer. Ok! I know, CR7 is also very good and his fans would argue that he is better than Messi. So I will settle for one of the World’s Best Footballer. He also failed too, he has failed to win the Copa America’s cup for his country. Does this make him a failure?

Yet he won Spanish la liga titles and Copa Del Rey title in 2016, I can say that he has done fairly well for himself in 2016 despite his latest failure to win the Copa America’s final.

Is Messi a failure because he lost his penalty for Argentina against Chile in the Copa America final?

Yet, he is 5 times Ballon d’Or Winner and it means that no matter how good we are at a thing, we are human and prone to mistakes

Is Messi a failure because of the four lost finals, the 2014 World Cup against Germany and three Copa Americas?

Yet, he has been named player of the tournament twice, one in Brazil and the other in Copa America.

Is Messi a failure because he resigned from the Argentina’s national football team?

Yet, he is Argentina’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Is Messi a failure because his resignation is interpreted as resignation to his fate on Argentina’s national football?

Yet, his legacy will remain and he shall remain known as one of the greatest world best player in his time and generation. Untainted by his failure in his international appearances for his country. As the saying goes, we win some, we lose some.

Messi is not a failure and so are you. Just because you lost that job, contract, wife, lover, partner or child does not make you a failure.

There is always a good day out there waiting for you to grab it.



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