Have you ever heard of the famous complaint in relationships? He or she does not love me anymore but I love him or her.

Yes, this happens at times because five core ingredients are missing from the relationship and there is no way to put them in because we don’t have it or know it.

Sometimes, our actions, unknown to us, can drive our partners farther away from us and when this happens we do not know how to make up or clean the mess we have caused and we simply give up. Little wonder, there is a constant breakdown of marriages and a constant change of partners in our relationships. Now, here are the five things to win the love of your partner. I have given it the acronym PACYS.

P – Patience

A- Attractive



S-Strong values

  1. Be patient, always apply the art of patience in your relationship, it works wonders. Never be too quick to judge or take an action until your 200% certain. This alone would win the love and trust of your partner. They know they are with a rational being.
  2. Be attractive, it does not hurt to look nice, smell nice and be nice. Be attractive in all ways, your character, your attitude and your appearance.
  3. Be confident, not all of us are confident, but thank God, it is something that can be built. Build your confidence in your relationship. Partners hate timid spouses on the bed and out of the bed.
  4. Be yourself, don’t fake your accent or your attitude, the real you has a way of coming out when you do not want it to. Always be yourself and do not be afraid to learn from the other. He or She would love you for it.
  5. Have strong values and principles you hold unto. But be flexible when you have to be and be humble and have the fear of God.

By floramichaels

Hi, I am Flora Ngo-Martins. I love writing and I am passionate about fashion, stories, news and food. Sometimes I get a little bit serious but that's alright, I can also be mischievous. I also like to analyse stuffs people do and sometimes judge.*wink* Most of all, I love to influence the lives of people positively and tell people's stories from a totally different perspective. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions or....

  1. At times u try all ur best to make him happy. but he is still giving troubled in this case wat will I do

    1. Thank you for the question. You should be patient, pray and reduce the attention you give him. He is not happy because he does not appreciate all that you do. So stop trying to make him happy. Be yourself, if he truly loves you, he will fall in love with you again. That spark can be rekindled.

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