Even though there is never a real moment of knowing when someone is unfaithful, some people just have instincts about a cheating spouse. They could also be wrong.  So, it’s rather a series of picking up signs and reasoning that the signs may lead to a possibility of unfaithful behavior. Moreover , getting absolute evidence is perfect and that may include these three factors below:
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1. Confession to cheating:

This is when one partner actually opens his mouth to accept to being a cheat. This is perhaps the best way to know he’s unfaithful. Admitting to being unfaithful can mean two things: He loves you and wants to end his secret affair to be with you or he’s tired of hiding and wants you gone so he could continue his secret romance.

2. Catch them red handed:

This also an absolute way to knowing he’s been cheating. If you get to see your man kissing or making love to another girl or  you find out via his private emails or text messages that he’s prophesying love to another person and even praising her for the sex last night. Another thing is for you to see photos of them in bed  or even a sex tape! These proofs enough!

3. Unreasonable lies:

Most people find it hard to lie. These group of men end up confessing to cheating by not even knowing they did. As they say, “one lie always leads to another and finally you even forget the truth.” Some women can detect when their men are lying. For example,  “you ask your man if he went out on Valentine’s Day while on a trip and he says “no babe, I was home all day”. Yet his girlfriend posted a video on social media showing them both having an intimate time together in a completely different state.” What the hell!?


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