Most times men feel a certain sense of insecurity when they see their wives all dressed up, looking preen and pretty. They feel the way they admire her, other men do the same and in no time, the men who admire her would be bold enough to come seduce her or woo her either with what they have or with what they hope to have. So, if you ever feel that way as a man, you should take a look at this checklist to see the things you need to do to keep your woman.

  1. Compliment her when she really looks good and if she looks good all the time, then compliment her all the time.
  2. Treat her as a Queen and not as your maid.
  3. Allow her handle the house affairs without your interference.
  4. Give her security, tell her things, be opened to her and it will amaze you how deeply she understands.
  5. Create time for her.
  6. Pamper her, spoil her rotten and assist her when you know she is overwhelmed.
  7. Provide for her, even when you don’t have much, make sacrifices and provide for her.
  8. Do not abuse, rebuke her or shout at her in the public or in the presence of the children.
  9. Always defend her in public and in the presence of your family members. Remember if people disrespects her, they also disrespect you.
  10. Periodically surprise her with gifts, you will see the love she would shower upon you.
  11. Do not over labour her, remember she was created to help you and not carry the bulk of the financial, sociological or family problems.
  12. Be sure to cook a surprise meal for her when she is sick or on her birthday the look on her face would be worth it. And NEVER forget her birthday or those special anniversaries that mean the world to her.
  13. Correct her with love. Love answereth all things. It can even tame the wildest woman.
  14. Do not cheat on her financially or sexually.
  15. Phone her and tell her that you miss her, women are always moved by what they hear.

Bonus: Always, always appreciate her, she is the mother of your children and she deserves the best from you.

By floramichaels

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