Nigeria is a country blessed with variety of foods, but it is usually tricky deciding what to eat especially when you are picky or selective. It becomes worse when you are thinking of that lunch to pack for your son or daughter below the age of 5. Most times, mothers are worried that the child may not eat it or may not like. This makes them fall into the pattern of giving the child the same food day in day out such as noodles with no alternative at hand. The working class mother have a more difficult task preparing for work, preparing the kids for school and also packing their lunch. This now leads to feeding the child with junk as against healthy meals as drinks and snacks are substituted with well cooked meals. Don’t fret as help is on the way, below are a list of lunch ideas most especially for children between ages 1-5.

  1. Boiled Irish potatoes and fish  stew or plain stew
  2. White rice and stew
  3. Fried plantain and fried eggs with tomatoes
  4. Jollof rice/Fried rice
  5. Porridge yam, with fish and vegetables
  6. Spaghetti/Pasta also known as macaroni (either jollof or white spaghetti boiled with half tablespoon of butter and stew)
  7. Fried sweet potates and eggs
  8. Beans, plantain and sweet potatoes or beans and yam
  9. Jollof rice and beans
  10. Moi-moi and fried susage (Chicken Frankfurters)Tips:
  11. Bonus: Of course Indomie Noodles and don’t forget boiled yam and fried eggs or fishy stew.
  • Always cook the stew by the weekend, so that preparation of the rice or beans or potatoes becomes easier in the morning.
  • Always cook the moi-moi a night before, so that you can warm it in the morning and package it for school.
  • The jollof rice/spaghetti can also be cooked a night before.

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