Most times, the world clamour for women emancipation, struggle to liberate women, but sometimes women bring the discrimination and ill treatment upon themselves.  They make certain decisions tied to financial benefits. Why on earth would a woman marry a man who is already married? Is it greed? Lack of men? Or pure love for another woman’s husband? Is it juju or misguided ideas of why she should be married rather than wait for her missing ribs?

This is a billion dollar question, one that needs an answer and a quick one for that. Personal experience has revealed that all that glitters is not gold. One can only take a guess to say that women marry men who are already married because of the financial remunerations of such marriage. And those women who do it have a misconception about marriage. To them marriage is a gateway from financial problems, a solution to financial security and the quickest means to become rich. Other ladies do it because they are gullible and do not really know the real state of affairs. While the rest do it because, married men have been reported to be sweeter and easier to live with, having being trained by their first wives. They can be likened to …


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