The name Dr. Bukola Saraki is a household name or so it should be in the light of the recent events in his life. This all started  when he became the Senate President of the 8th National Assembly. Although, we must give it to him for the  one thing he has going for him, which is his fighting spirit and his ability to be innovative.

At first, he explored all the courts in Nigeria including the highest court of our land – The Supreme Court  in order to have his case thrown out of the Code of Conduct Tribunal. And when that did not work, he decided to convince NASS to amend the offending  sections of the law that dragged him into this mess in the first place.

Hmmm and when it failed? One would think he would have resigned himself to his fate, but he decided to try a different approach. He asked the Code of Conduct Tribunal’s Chairman, Mr. Umar to disqualify himself.  And when it failed again…. hmmm. We shall keep you updated on his next tactics.  As trial has long since commenced in the case.

Let’s pause for a minute and digest other developments in his political life.

The Federal Government (By the way, I thought all the arms of the Government should sync to work effectively) slammed a fresh charge against him and his deputy Ike Ekweremadu along with 3 others  for alleged forgery of the Senate rules at the  Federal Capital Territory High Court. Remember, that he prevailed on his brother Senators to amend the laws to provide immunity from prosecution for a serving Senate President and his Deputy such as himself and his deputy and life pension.

The outrage of the public  was overwhelming and Saraki attempted explaining to Nigerians that the  intentions of his comrades, the NASS members had been misinterpreted. Like seriously? We all heard them on the floor of the house when some members said that if they  don’t extinguish the fire in their neighbour’s house it will extend to theirs.

And then the drama began, see for yourselves below:


Saraki accused the Federal Government of having a Government within a Government and the Federal Government said that his accusation is not worth the paper it was written on:

We shall update you when more information on the drama end unfolds and when more  news on our Senate President arises.


His next move might be to bring an application before a foreign court or an international court to preserve his right to the Senate Presidency seat. Who knows with Saraki all legal tactics is possible.


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