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The Musings Of A Desperate Man

The Musings Of A Desperate Man

Here are the musings of a desperate man on what life could, would and should be: A hungry man is a spiteful man, who sees no importance in food because he cannot have it. Wait till he has some food and only  then he begins to lecture you on the ...

The musings of a creative person

The Musings Of A Creative Mind

A lazy person that sits and whines all day,  but the hardworking ones are working hard all day. The ordinary man says “No job, the economy is on recession, there is economic crunch.” But the extraordinary man looks for the opportunity ...

The musings of a talented fellow

The Musings Of A Talented Fellow

Never  get tired of striving for success. Perseverance always have a  way of rewarding your efforts. Nothing is worth the joy of seeing your invention, innovation, creativity and idea brought to life. Life is always a struggle, we strive ...

Romantic man

The Musings Of A Romantic Fellow

Love makes one foolish, but I rather be a fool than never to experience it. Love is for the soul as food is for the body, it revitalizes you but makes you weak. The emotional ones gets hurt the most, but they love with a heart of gold. Love can be ...


The Musings Of A Lagosian

Suffering is when you trek for a long distance only to wait for one hour at the bus stop before getting a bus. Suffering is when you go to a dead bus stop and expect a private padded air-conditioned vehicle to stop for you. What were you ...

Poverty of the mind

Poverty Of The Mind

When you ask for a little too much than you need from your parents or guardians, then you are truly poor in the mind. When you accumulate wealth meant for the masses in your private coffers then you are poor in the mind. When you get money in a bad ...