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Survival skills for children

Survival Skills Every Parent Must Teach Their Children 

As parents it is always our desire to be there for our children always to protect and encourage them all the way.
However, the reality of life is that we can never be there at all time as our children must grow, go to school, go out to play, go out to work and eventually start a family.
For the periods we are not there how have we prepared our children to cope or survive without us?
Survival can simply be described as the state of living or continuing existence in spite of an accident, ordeal or difficult circumstances. Now is our present circumstances globally not life ordeal or difficult circumstances?
Skill on the other hand can simply be described as the expertise or ability to do something well.
Therefore, survival skill simply put is the expertise or ability of our children to not just survive but have the ability to survive well in the midst of life’s challenges.
Are your children so protected and pampered at home that they can hardly survive outside of our homes?
How many of you parents can swim? Do you know swimming is a survival skill? How many of our kids can bath cold water talkless of knowing how to swim?
How many of our children know what to do in the event of a fire outbreak either in the home or at school and there are no adults at home?
How many of our children know what to do in the event of a medical emergency?
How many of our children know emergency phone numbers in case of emergency? How many of our children know that in Lagos 767 and 112 are emergency phone numbers that they can use to save a potential dangerous situation? How many of our children who know these numbers know the numbers are not to be played with?
How many of our children know when their parents or any adult around is having a medical challenge and what to do?
How many of our children know what is a riot and what to do if they find themselves in a riotous situation?
To underscore the importance of swimming as a survival skill let me tell you the experience of a dear friend below:

She was in a 14 seater interstate bus travelling to Delta from Lagos. They were moving together with another interstate 44 seater coaster bus right in front in full speed. Approaching a bridge they all heard their own driver shouting Jesus! Jesus!! Jesus!!! The driver slowly stopped his bus and they ran to the bridge looking down what appears to be a river. It turned out that the coaster bus in their front ran straight into the river on speed and by the time they got there they could only see the circle of water running where the bus sank in. They could only but pray, no one dared go in to help. Within minutes two heads popped up, one a very fat and strong lady and the other not so built. They were both fighting the wave, trying to remain afloat. The fat lady against all odds was able to swim to the branch of a tree and held on with all her strength while the other could not and was taken in by the wave. Within minutes, bodies started floating from the bus, at least 7 bodies were washed ashore within 20 minutes of the accident. Imagine how helpless my friend and the passengers of the 14 seater bus felt, looking at  the drowning going on right in their front and not being able to help, it was a nightmare.
Imagine if the coaster bus passengers had been taught swimming as a survival skill when they were children, at least half of the passengers in the coaster bus would have survived and even assisted fellow passengers.
Let us therefore prepare our children for every eventuality so that at the right time it will make that much desired difference.
May God help us prepare our children for that moment when we will not be there to protect or save them.

Author unknown

My thought

I think we can all take courses on basic survival skills as most parents don’t know how to swim too. And most parents don’t know what to do during a fire outbreak.


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