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Why African men are not romantic

Why African Men Are Not Romantic

This got me laughing and there’s no harm in sharing the joy we feel with others. Someone posted on face book some reasons on why  he feels African couples are not romantic. I read the list and I could immediately relate with it. However, I ...


The Dirty Face Of Lagos State

Why is there so much dirt everywhere? Is it just me ? or is anyone seeing what I am seeing? Yea… I guessed as much. Everyone knows but no one wants to really talk about it. This is a call to action based on facts. Lagos State under this ...

Tips on how to remain poor

Tips On How To Remain Poor!

I came across this tips on how to remain poor by Prof Makau. Although its funny but is true most people look for get rich quick schemes and handouts from friends, big uncles, aunties, daddies and mummies without actually taking out time to help ...